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Free Micro-Cabin Plans

These are micro-cabins specifically designed for emergency shelter or off grid living.


The plans include the Stealth 64 which is an 8x8 cabin that can be insulated or uninsulated and can be dismantled quickly for portability. This is a great design for homeless housing, off grid living or for many other purposes.


The plans include the Shepherd Wagon that is a vardo style 6'8" x 8' house on wheels that fits on a Lowe's or Home Depot 5x8 trailer or can be built on skids or casters.


I include complete step by step plans, ideas for trim and interior, recommended equipment, material list and even a small solar set up information.


I do recommend you get my ebook Off The Grid to go with these plans if you are interested in living off grid and that is 355 pages of everything I have learned living 20 years off grid with many off grid projects I built along the way.

Download is on Google Drive and will open in a new page

LaMar's Shepherd Wagon Camper Work In Progress

My Grandfather's on both sides were homesteaders and herded sheep along with running the first school, post office and building many homes in the area.

I have always loved the old Sheepherder wagon campers those old time homesteaders used so I designed my own that uses a 5x8 trailer with side walls and can be modified to other trailer sizes.

Mine is still a work in progress as I am finishing the interior but the plans are available and can be built by even a novice builder for around $300 not including the trailer.


Walden Cabin Plans

Penobscot Cabin Plans

Wombat Micro-Camper Plans Here!

Cattail Cabin Plans

Redhawk Micro-Cabin Plans Here!

Thoreau Cabin Plans Here!

Bikesport Tow or Push Camper

Quixote Cottage Plans Here!

Thank you for v​i​siting!

About Us:


Simple Solar Homesteading is a Not-For-Profit social and cultural service organization dedicated to producing affordable off-grid housing designs and projects so that everyone everywhere can have a safe and sustainable home.


Your donations will help us to design these projects, build the models and to promote these projects to all countries. Please share our vision on your facebook, Twitter and other social networks and help us end homelessness and poverty once and for all!