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Cattail Cabin Plans



The Cattail Cabin is a 16x16 barn roof style cabin designed for permanent living or as an accessory dwelling unit.

The plans are in PDF ebook format or printed book format and the book is over 50 pages and complete step-by-step instructions with over 80 full color pics. Also included is a basic solar power system, septic, water and heating system for your new cabin. The plans include the framing plans for the cabin, porch and a 10x16 addition.


1-      Framing the floor

2-      Sheathing the floor

3-      Framing the right side wall

4-      Framing the left side wall

5-      Framing the front wall

6-      Framing the rear wall

7-      Framing the loft floor

8-      Sheathing the loft floor

9-      Framing the knee walls

10-  Framing the loft end walls

11-  Constructing the rafters

12-  Framing the roof

13-  Framing the 10x16 Addition

14-  Framing the porch

15-  Recommendations for finishing materials

16-  Off-grid solar power system

17-  Off grid RV water System

18-  Off Grid Heating/cooking systems

19-  Off-grid composting toilet system

20-  Recommendations for appliances

21-  Summary






Just a few of the beautiful pictures in this book! 


You get the ebook plans for $10 or the full color printed book plans for $19.95

Or you can order the ebook directly from me for a $5.00 donation.








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