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Big Tex Plans

The Big Tex is a house that can be built on wheels or on a permanent foundation and is designed for the Big Tex 7x14, 16' or 18' foot trailers or any similar trailer. It can also be built on a Dek block or poured pad foundation.

Big Tex Plans

Big Tex Tiny House

The Big Tex plans are full color and 32 pages of step-by-step plans to build your house on wheels or on a permanent foundation. Plans include the materials recommended and a material list and ideas for off grid and solar equipment.

The Big Tex is designed specifically to be low profile and low weight so it can be towed by a standard truck and moved as needed while being fully insulated for year round living. Framing is all 2x4 framing and same as most conventional houses but designed for a trailer.  The construction is very basic and any DIY builder can handle this project with basic tools.

The plans include ideas for interior floor plans and the Big Tex would be great for a single person, couple or even a small family with kids and it can sleep up to 4 people.

People asking about the weight of the Big Tex House On Wheels: An 8x12 wood shed weighs around 1500 pounds so even at double that and 3000 pounds you are well under the 6000 pound GVWR capacity for the 8x14 Big Tex. It will depend on materials used but I show this with 2x4 framing, hardyboard siding, and metal roofing and with 7 foot sidewalls to keep weight down.

I designed the floor plan to distribute the weight front to back and side to side with more on the tongue for towing. A good rule of thumb for weight distribution is 60 percent to the front, 40 percent to the back.

This Big Tex design can also be built on a foundation for people looking for a cabin, ADU or rental and you could live in it on a trailer and then move it on to a foundation when you find your perfect homesteading land.

Big Tex Trailer Specs:

Big Tex Package Deal Sketchups

If you want to design your own floor plan or modify the Big Tex for the 7x16 or 7x18 trailer then you want this package deal that includes all 3 models and interior designs in the sketchup file.

You will need the free copy of Sketchup to use this sketchup file. This file is designed for a computer only and will not work on a phone or other device.

This package includes the Big Tex 8x14 plans and the Sketchup models.

Big Tex Sketchup Package


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